Julie Sutherland Consulting

Blindness and low vision services

About Us

Hello, and welcome to Julie Sutherland consulting. My name is Julie Sutherland, and I am the owner of Julie Sutherland consulting; an independent service provider for people who are blind or have low vision living in Australia and have access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). I have completed my Master’s degree in management (arts and cultural management) and a Bachelor in Tourism and event management from the University of South Australia. I grew up at Beach Port South East Coast of South Australia where my parents owned the lease of a hotel where I did holiday work as a teenager.


Support Coordination

NDIS Support Is Available To Participants Who Are Eligible For Support Coordination Under The NDIS.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology depending on its cost and risk is sometimes prescribed by an Occupational

Braille Transcription

Producing material into braille transcription , large print, text, audio and easy read

Audio Description

Audio Description provides a verbal narration of visual elements of a play, television program or live event.

Adaptive Technology Training

Adaptive technology is any technology which allows people with disabilities to perform tasks independently, safely and with dignity. For people who are blind or who have low vision this adaptive technology can include but is not limited to: