About Us

Hello, and welcome to Julie Sutherland consulting. My name is Julie Sutherland, and I am the owner of Julie Sutherland consulting; an independent service provider for people who are blind or have low vision living in Australia and have access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). I have completed my Master’s degree in management (arts and cultural management) and a Bachelor in Tourism and event management from the University of South Australia. I grew up at Beach Port South East Coast of South Australia where my parents owned the lease of a hotel where I did holiday work as a teenager.
I was born 16 weeks premature and can totally understand the difficulties participants have when training with their assistive technology. It can be so frustrating opening a device from the box not knowing how to set up accessibility features and having to be put on waiting lists for a convenient time with registered providers. At Julie Sutherland Consulting I can help you set up IOS devices allowing you to be productive, independent and safe.
My mission is to empower, connect and provide opportunities when you need it.

Audio Description Training

Audio Description provides visual narration of scenes, costumes, events and plays and some television providing meaning to pictures.
There is nothing worse as a blind person going to social events not knowing what people are laughing at as people forget to describe what is going on. At Julie Sutherland Consulting I can provide training to families and friends of blind and vision impaired people from a blind person’s perspective, because there is no training like that currently available that works with family and friends to describe entertainment, shopping purchases, festivals and events.
When theatre companies are developing original works, I’m able to provide the development of an audio description script that can be integrated into an original play. This allows blind and vision impaired audiences, as well as other audience members to not miss out on plays. Audio description devices are usually small radio receivers about the size of a match box and can be very frustrating to hire when the batteries are flat or have been pre-set to display closed captioning subtitles for people who are deaf.
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